SinFit Sugar Free Syrup
No…it’s a GREAT morning when you start it off with Panic Pancakes Pancake Syrup. This is the sugar free, zero calorie sweet stuff you’ve been looking for to complement your meals and treats. Whether you're craving traditional maple flavor, or fruity deliciousness, we've got you covered. It’s perfect for topping pancakes and waffles! Or add the sweet flavor to your favorite baked goods, yogurt, ice cream, or marinades. Pair with our protein-packed Panic Pancake Mix, or do your own thing. Either way, you're in for a treat.

Our Panic Pancakes Syrup has a light, delicate texture. Forget the thick, heavy syrups you're used to. And the flavor--sinfully good!

PANIC PANCAKES SYRUP BY SINISTER LABS - Now available in three flavors!

SinFit Sugar Free Syrup