A cashew butter blend for a perfect creamy texture in our Cookies and Cream flavored nut butter. Named after a Ryan’s little girl who loves cookies (and Cookie Monster) and loves this nut butter. Creamy cashew butter flavor with the best crunch of chocolate sandwich cookie bits throughout makes this an experience! Bursting with flavor and creamy delight, try this childhood favorite for a nostalgic flashback to your worry-free childhood with a fun twist of a cashew butter!FIt Butter Benefits:ALL nuts roasted in-houseHIGHEST quality protein sourcesHEALTHY fats from nuts and coconut oilFRIENDLY macros for the fitness loving lifestyleEVERY jar created with love and care from FIt ButtersWe use only the highest quality proteins in our nut butter spreads. This is why we chose to use NutraBio® 100% Whey Protein Isolate Ice Cream Cookie Dream in this amazing creation. Ice Cream Cookie Dream Whey Protein Isolate provides the flavors of a creamy cookies and cream desert that is needed in order for Rory to put her name on this nut butter.To learn more about NutraBio's proteins, click here.Storage Recommendations:FIt Butters are not required to be refrigerated.FIt Butters can be stored at room temperature. Avoid putting your FIt Butter in direct light to extend the shelf life. Storage in a dark pantry or room is best.Refrigeration can extend the shelf life of your FIt Butter but it is not required. If you choose to refrigerate your FIt Butter please know it may harden, but will soften back at room temperature.Vendor: FIt ButtersProduct Type: Cashew ButterBarcode: 685757569606




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