Loaded AF is hands down one of the most beneficial Nitric Oxide boosters on the market. With clinically dosed fully disclosed ingredient profile and new "Vaso6" to guranteed increase in blood flow, strength and endurance! Vaso 6 the best is a cutting-edge nitric oxide and vasodilation ingredient that is Dynamic Evolution is proud to be the first company to bring this patented ingredient to the stim free nitric oxide category. 300mgs of Vaso6 leads to 10x more vasodilation than 7 grams of Arginine. Vaso6:VasodilationIncreases nitric oxide productionMore efficient blood flow for ATP production and muscle recoverySuperior nutrient delivery to musclesAntioxidant effect  CitrulineIncreases nitric oxide productionIncreases blood flowIncreases exercise capacityDecreases fatigue and muscle soreness Agmatine SulfateRegulates Nitric Oxide synthesis Increase muscle pumpPromote the growth of muscle tissue Beet Root ExtractIncrease Nitric Oxide levelsIncrease pumpIncrease blood flowIncrease energy efficiency




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