PRODUCT OVERVIEWHIGH SPEED PROTEIN FOR FAST DELIVERY*REPAIR AND REBUILD LEAN MUSCLE TISSUE*PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY FOR MAXIMUM BIO-AVAILABILITY*25 G PROTEIN† INCLUDES 5.5G BCAAS PER SCOOPADVANTAGESACTIVATING PROTEIN SYNTHESISYou train with unyielding dedication - high intensity, high workload, and high expectations. You demand that your body adapts to the stress you expose it to, and for that to happen you need quality protein. Whether it be first thing in the morning, post workout, or whenever you need protein on a busy schedule. ISO SURGE provides exactly what you’re looking for!*LIKE ARMOR FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MUSCLEFor ISO SURGE, MUTANT packed whey isolate and whey hydrolysate together for the ultimate high grade protein. You get sky-high bio-availability, so your body gets the protein it needs. You want to feed that muscle only the best, and MUTANT knows the deal. 25g of protein per scoop, ready to be assimilated to support your muscle.*HYDRATE YOUR TISSUE FOR MUTANT SIZED WORKOUTSMUTANT doubts that you’d want to drop hard earned money on a chocolate that tastes like everyone else’s, or a vanilla that was flavored by the lowest bidder. That is why MUTANT is making THIRTEEN custom gourmet flavors! Including malt shop classics like Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana Cream and Mint Chocolate Chip, to new flavors like Salted Caramel Chocolate, Coconut Cream, and Birthday Cake. Everyone knows that MUTANT knows flavors. Hell, we mastered them with our other products. So we’ve used all that knowledge to bring you the best tasting isolate on the market!




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