Pure Isolated BCAAs In Fun Candy Flavors!*

  • Research validated 2:1:1 BCAA ratio
  • 5g of isolated BCAAs per serving
  • Mixes easily, tastes incredible
  • Micro batches - hand crafted, hand bottled


Pure Isolated BCAAs

ISO-Amino packs 5 grams of pure isolated BCAAs per serving in a scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio. No fluff, no fillers, and no added colors or dyes. ISO-Amino can be taken throughout the day and is especially useful intra-workout to speed recovery.*

We take flavor & mixability very seriously - this is where ISO-Amino stands as the clear leader. The ultra-unique flavors and easy to mix powder set the standard for high quality BCAAs.*

Bringing Old School Back

Pure BCAAs are everything you need to rebuild, repair and trigger lean muscle growth.* ISO-Amino is a throwback to the old school BCAAs that are just that, pure isolated BCAAs. No added marketing fluff, prop blends, or underdosed “everything & the kitchen-sink” formulas that only cushion the manufacturers wallet.*

The Fat Burning, Muscle Building BCAA Ratio

BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio have been clinically studied and proven to effectively aid in muscle repair, growth, muscular energy, and even fat loss. BCAA products with inflated ratios of 8:1:1 or even 10:1:1 show no added benefit over their 2:1:1 counterpart.*

Baylor University Proves 2:1:1 Ratio

Scientists from Baylor University gave college-age men either a leucine supplement, a BCAA supplement, or a placebo before and after a leg workout. They discovered that while leucine increased muscle protein synthesis after the workout better than the placebo did, the BCAAs increased protein synthesis even better than leucine and the placebo. That's a big reason to stick to a 2:1:1 ratio when it comes to BCAA supplements.*

An Amino That Tastes Good?

It has nothing to do with science or efficacy - but it’s important to enjoy what you spent your hard earned money on. We take flavor & mixability very seriously. This is where ISO-Amino stands as the clear leader. MAN Sports has made monumental advances in flavor systems to provide extremely unique, one-of-a-kind flavors. Try any of our unique flavors from Tigers Blood (strawberry, watermelon, & a splash of coconut) to Mighty Melon and you’ll be blown away. These are the kind of flavors you’ll actually want to sip all day!*

Hand Crafted & Hand Bottled: Micro-Batch Made

Every batch made in limited quantities, every bottle a testament to the work and science that has gone into each handcrafted formula. Formed by the perfect blending of science and application. There is beauty in the process of manufacturing every micro-batch that has been long forgotten, and we refuse to hand over the manufacturing to a mass-production facility. All of this is made possible thanks to highly qualified personnel who care about your finished product, and by heavily investing in the most advanced lab equipment available today.*




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